Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Public Notice: UNPFII 2008

Public Notice: The Seventh Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) will take place at United Nations Headquarters in New York, from 21 April to 2 May 2008. The special theme will be "Climate change, bio-cultural diversity and livelihoods: the stewardship role of indigenous peoples and new challenges."

The United Confederation of Taino People (UCTP) is facilitating administrative services and activities for delegates planning to participate within the Indigenous Peoples Caucus of the Greater Caribbean (IPCGC) at the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 2008. Please inform the UCTP of your planned attendance and desire to participate as part of the Caucus, which is open to representatives of indigenous Caribbean Organizations and communities.

Consistent with the UNPFII procedures, the IPCGC follows an organizational structure similar to the Association of Caribbean States whereas the “Greater Caribbean” is defined here as an area of cooperation in recognition of common ancestral heritages and common geographic spaces shared by the Indigenous Peoples of the region.

Please send correspondence to the United Confederation of Taino People’s Office of International Relations and Regional Coordination at

On behalf of the UCTP, we say bo’matum (thank you) in advance for your attention and consideration.

Issued on 21 November 2007,
UCTP Office of International Relations
and Regional Coordination,
Roberto Mucaro Borrero,
President and Chairman

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Peter N. Jones said...

Thanks for this Public Notice, information on the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean is hard to find. I put a link up to this blog on the Indigenous Issues Today blog list page.